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ONIKUMA ST-1 Headphone Stand

ONIKUMA ST-1 Headphone Stand

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With this headphone stand your headphones can be displayed elegantly instead of just laying around. With its non-slip pads at the bottom this headphone stand sits firmly, and the arch on which the headset rests ensures that the headset does not slide off. And to top it all off, it has a beautiful pink color. 🌸

✔️ Non slip base
✔️ Stable design
✔️ Easy to assemble


Material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: 14 x 7.5 x 25.5 cm
Weight: 126 g

Included in the box

1 headphone stand

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Onikuma logo


ONIKUMA draws its inspiration from Japanese culture, and especially the special Oni demon masks, which have been used in traditional ceremonies since the 5th century.

The story behind ONIKUMA is that the founder, Liu Ming, grew up as a child in a small village in China, where one day he met the bear demon Onikuma and heard its mysterious song. According to himself, his life changed that day, and when he later founded ONIKUMA GAMING, the brand was to pay homage to the bear demon depicted in the logo.

ONIKUMA focuses on creating immersion and combines a sleek look with functionality and durability. The design is centered around the gamer so that every click and movement is smooth and every sound is registered clearly.