About us

Who is behind Appaz?

Hey! My name is Anne. I also go by the gamertag Appa when I'm online. 👋
I have been gaming for many years and my go-to games are Valorant, CS:GO, Sims and Minecraft.

Appaz about us

The webshop Appaz is founded and owned by me because I felt there was a need for a store that gathers everything you dream of as a gamer who loves the kawaii aesthetic.

There has long been a mainstream trend in the gaming world to cultivate a somewhat uniform "hardcore" look, often consisting of black color and angular geometric shapes. The reality is that there are many different people with different tastes who are a part of the gaming world.

Everyone should have the opportunity to cultivate their interest as they like and express themselves through their gaming setup. That's why I created the Appaz store as a tribute to the cutesy style that many of us love. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ✲゚。⋆

But why stop at just gaming gear? Kawaii aesthetics often go hand in hand with an interest in anime, cosplay, and East Asian pop culture. Therefore, it would be amazing to create a platform that embraces all of these interests, which often overlap.

Appaz's mission is to give you more options to create a setup that suits your personality and help you live  your aesthetic. ⋆˙⟡♡


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