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ONIKUMA CW905 Gaming Mouse

ONIKUMA CW905 Gaming Mouse

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This gaming mouse is a feast for the eyes, with its beautiful monochromatic color variations and dynamic RGB lights. The rainbow colored RGB light can be set to 7 different modes, and also shows which DPI setting you have selected when you are in the process of changing the DPI. You can choose between 6 different default DPI modes, which are between 800 and 6400. The mouse is equipped with 7 buttons which can be programmed with ONIKUMAS software, which can be downloaded for free from the website here (Mac is not supported for programming).
✔️ 7 dynamic RGB modes
✔️ 6 default DPI modes (800/green, 1600/pink, 2400/blue, 3200/red, 4800/cyan, 6400/yellow)
✔️ Sweat, grease and fingerprint resistant
✔️ 7 buttons that can be programmed with ONIKUMA's software
✔️ Ergonomic shape which provides a good palm grip
✔️ USB connection with 1.5m cable
Shown on tiktok ♪ Absolutely falling in love 🥰 The CW905 mouse can be bought for DKK 299 at (link in bio) 💖 #kawaiigamer #cutegaming #onikuma #cutegaming #cutesetup ♬ original sound - toohot4scotty


    Model: CW905 Wired Gaming Mouse
    Operation Mode: Opto-electronic
    Connection: USB cable
    Number of buttons: 7
    Cable length: Approx. 1.5 meters
    Weight: Approx. 132g
    Dimensions: 127*71*40mm
    Working Current: Less than 100MA
    Working Voltage: 5V
    Programmable buttons: left button, right button, forward, backward, DPI+ button, DPI- button and scroll wheel
    System compatibility: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Linux, etc. ( Note: no programming function for Mac systems

    Included in the box

    1 wired gaming mouse
    1 user manual

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    ONIKUMA draws its inspiration from Japanese culture, and especially the special Oni demon masks, which have been used in traditional ceremonies since the 5th century.

    The story behind ONIKUMA is that the founder, Liu Ming, grew up as a child in a small village in China, where one day he met the bear demon Onikuma and heard its mysterious song. According to himself, his life changed that day, and when he later founded ONIKUMA GAMING, the brand was to pay homage to the bear demon depicted in the logo.

    ONIKUMA focuses on creating immersion and combines a sleek look with functionality and durability. The design is centered around the gamer so that every click and movement is smooth and every sound is registered clearly.