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ONIKUMA Cat Ears for Headsets

ONIKUMA Cat Ears for Headsets

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Level up your headset with these super cute cat ears which are super easy to put on! Choose between black, white or pink color 🖤🤍🩷

Due to the demand from you, I have have been able to buy some seperate cat ears from ONIKUMA, although they are usually sold together with their headsets. The ears are made of silicone, so they have a good grip on the headset.

The ears are suitable for headsets that have a circumference at the headband of approx. 9 to 11 cm. I recommend checking with a measuring tape whether they fit your headset before you buy.

The cat ears are sold in sets of 2 ears 🐱

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The cat's ear measures: 5 cm X 6.5 cm
Weight per ear: 33 g
Material: silicone
Fits headsets with a headband circumference of: 9 to 11 cm

Included in the box

2 cat ears

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ONIKUMA draws its inspiration from Japanese culture, and especially the special Oni demon masks, which have been used in traditional ceremonies since the 5th century.

The story behind ONIKUMA is that the founder, Liu Ming, grew up as a child in a small village in China, where one day he met the bear demon Onikuma and heard its mysterious song. According to himself, his life changed that day, and when he later founded ONIKUMA GAMING, the brand was to pay homage to the bear demon depicted in the logo.

ONIKUMA focuses on creating immersion and combines a sleek look with functionality and durability. The design is centered around the gamer so that every click and movement is smooth and every sound is registered clearly.