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ONIKUMA B5 Bluetooth Headset with Cat Ears

ONIKUMA B5 Bluetooth Headset with Cat Ears

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These are probably the cutest headphones ever! 😍 The B5 model from ONIKUMA is a wireless headset with amazing sound quality and the cutest design with cat ears and a small cat on each side of the earphones. 🐱
The headset has changing RGB lights in the cat ears and on the side which gives a super cool effect. With the Bluetooth connection, you can easily connect to your PC, smartphone, Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch, and ensures you free movement without wires. The headphones have approx. 8 hours of playing time, and takes approx. 3 hours to fully charge.
✔️ Compatible with PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox / Nintendo Switch
✔️ 8 hour battery life
✔️ Stereo sound
✔️ Changing RGB lights on the sides
✔️ Adjustable in headband length
✔️ Built-in microphone
✔️ Soft headband and ear cushions
✔️ Over ear fit
✔️ Buttons for volume and music control on the side


Connection: Wireless 5.2 Bluetooth
Max Bluetooth distance: 10 m
Charging time: 3 hours
Battery life: 8 hours
Fit: Over ear
Frequency: 20-20KHZ
Speaker size: 5 cm
Speaker sensitivity: 105±3 db
Microphone sensitivity: -42±3 db
Directionality: omni-directional

Included in the box

1 headset
1 USB A to micro USB charging cable
1 3.5mm AUX to micro USB cable
1 user manual

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ONIKUMA draws its inspiration from Japanese culture, and especially the special Oni demon masks, which have been used in traditional ceremonies since the 5th century.

The story behind ONIKUMA is that the founder, Liu Ming, grew up as a child in a small village in China, where one day he met the bear demon Onikuma and heard its mysterious song. According to himself, his life changed that day, and when he later founded ONIKUMA GAMING, the brand was to pay homage to the bear demon depicted in the logo.

ONIKUMA focuses on creating immersion and combines a sleek look with functionality and durability. The design is centered around the gamer so that every click and movement is smooth and every sound is registered clearly.