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Kitty Paw Artisan Keycap

Kitty Paw Artisan Keycap

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Who doesn't love a pair of squishy toe beans? 🐾

These extremely cute keycaps for your keyboard are made of plastic and silicone, and almost feel like real cat paws. 🥰

I know I can't help but smile when I see such a cute little paw on the keyboard!

Fits MX Switches.

Shown on tiktok ♪ Wish it was me who just had to sit and look cute all day 🤣 Kitty Paw Keycap can be purchased on my webshop 🌸🐾 #cuteaesthetic #artisankeycaps #pawkeycap #zomoplus #catpaw #toebeans #catlover #gaming #cutegaming #kawaiigaming #kawaii #kawaiicat #cutedesksetup #desksetup ♬ original sound - Hmm to much ketchup?



Material: ABS plastic (except for the transparent keycap, which is made of resin) and silicone.

Surface Treatment: These keycaps are surface treated with a layer of UV protective paint which extends durability by protecting against wear and oxidation.

Production: The colored keycaps are produced by injection molding, and the transparent one is produced with 3D printing.

Fits: Most MX switches.

Included in the box

1 keycap, as well as 1 cat-shaped storage box.

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ZOMOPLUS was started in November 2017, and is a Chinese company based in Shenzhen, which is considered to be the world headquarters for electronics production.

The brand is known for designing and producing artisan keycaps , which are beautiful decorative keys for mechanical keyboards.