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Appaz 115 Keycap Set Danish

Appaz 115 Keycap Set Danish

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NOTE! keyboard not included

Take your gaming setup to the next level with Appaz's uniquely designed keycaps! ✨

The sets contain 115 beautiful keycaps which are placed on your mechanical keyboard. The keys have a Danish ISO layout, so all the characters are as you are used to when you have a Nordic keyboard. The keys are shaped as XDA profile which is characterized by a flat, uniform and aesthetic shape, which is particularly outstanding for fast typing. The keycaps fit MX switches which are shaped like a small plus under each key, which most mechanical keyboards are equipped with. The material from which the keys are made is PBT plastic, which ensures good wear resistance and long durability.

The keycap sets are designed by Appaz, and are sold exclusively here🌸

✔️ 115 keycaps
✔️ Danish language
✔️ ISO layout
✔️ Fits standard mechanical gaming keyboards
✔️ XDA profile
✔️ Suitable for MX switches
✔️ Made of durable PBT plastic
✔️ Dye-sub print
✔️ Keycap puller included

The kit is compatible with the standard layout on the bottom row of the keyboard

Shown on tiktok ♪ Omg she just attacks my hand at the end 😂🐱 NEW 🌟 Today the keycap set arrived at the shop! See the 3 beautiful designs at (link in bio) 💕 #keycaps #cutekeycaps #catlover #gamercat #catgaming #kawaiiaesthetic #kittensoftiktok #pinkgaming ♬ Love Lee - AKMU (악뮤)


Material: PBT-Plastic
Language Danish
Layout: ISO
Keycap Profile: XDA
Compatible switches: MX switches
Number of keys: 115
Compatible keyboard sizes: 60%, 65%, 75%, Full-size, TKL
Print: Dye-sub

The kit is compatible with the standard layout on the bottom row of the keyboard

Included in the box

115 keycaps
1 keycap puller

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